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Realm of the Polar Bear

Join Iolo on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Svalbard’s untamed wilderness in the realm of the Polar Bear.

Cantabrian Wildlife & Conservation Tour

Join Iolo in search of Cantabrian Brown Bear, Iberian Wolf and Bearded Vulture in the The Cantabrian Range, Spain.

East Africa Safari

A fantastic 9-day East Africa Migration safari that will take you to some of the most well-known safari destinations in east Africa.

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Iolo’s Talks

Life before the Lens

Iolo recounts his fascinating experiences as a Species Officer for the RSPB such as the farmer who held an egg collector over a 40-foot cliff, to a colleague who kept half a village awake with his snoring. Hear about the wildlife and the threats they face, but also some of the great characters he has met on his journey.


Iolo Williams - A Career in Conservtion

A Career in Conservation

A familiar face on our tv screens for nearly 20 years but before that Iolo spent 15 years working for the RSPB in Wales. In this talk Iolo shares tales from his childhood and working career – from red kites to mountain gorillas and hen harriers to grizzly bears, he’s been fortunate enough to work with them all.


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