Pantanal Jaguar Safari

With Iolo Williams

4th-14th September 2020

Join Iolo and expert guide, Douglas Rocha, for an incredible trip to the Pantanal where you’ll see a breathtaking array of birds and wildlife, and enjoy boat safaris such as taking a ride on the Pixain River where there are plenty of bird sighting opportunities.

  • Pouso Alegre
  • Santa Tereza
  • Water Estate Park
  • Piuval Lodge
  • Pantanal
  • Gran Odara

Your guides have chosen specially favoured habitats for Caymans, Capybaras, Southern Coatis, Marsh Deers, Great Rheas, Jabiru Storks, Herons, Ibises, Giant Anteaters, Tapir, Marsh Deer, Brown Brocket Deer, Azaras Agouti, Tayra, Peccaries, Hyacinth Macaw, Potoos, Toco Toucan, American Pigmy Kingfisher, Blue Crowned Mot-Mot, Agami Heron, various Hawks and also mammals like the very vocal and unmistakable Howler Monkeys, Capuchin Monkey, Capybara and Jaguar.

Amongst the many highlights will be a guided walk across monkey trails looking for Capuchin Monkey, Howler Monkey and Black-tailed Marmoset and a chance to see the Pantanal from a 20m high tower … and begin to appreciate the flatness and immense beauty of this special landscape.


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