1st – 7th September 2022

Join Iolo in search of Cantabrian Brown Bear, Iberian Wolf and Bearded Vulture in the The Cantabrian Range, Spain.

This trip is dedicated to explore in depth the richness of Cantabrian landscapes, its wildlife and the main conservation issues that arise from the interaction with the traditional rural economy. To do so the trip is organised in collaboration with the organisations doing conservation work in the area and using local expert wildlife guides. Part of the price of the trip goes to help the work of the Conservation organisations that participate in it.

Cantabrian Wildlife

The Cantabrian Range runs for 500 km along the North of Spain, creating a barrier between the Cantabrian Sea and its humid mild climate and the dry continental plateau of central Spain. The range holds an amazing biodiversity with multiple endemic species and some of the most iconic species in Spain: the Bearded Vulture, the Brown Bear and the Iberian Wolf. But these species are only the flag species of conservation to protect the rich ecosystem that holds them and includes, only in the Picos de Europa National Park, 1750 species of flora, 135 species of butterflies, over 200 species of vertebrates, of which more than half are birds.

The biodiversity has survived, suffered and developed in coexistence with a millenary rural culture still present today. This coexistence of wildlife, traditional farming, tourism and rural development creates great challenges and opportunities for the main conservation projects in the Cantabrian range, a reality that can be best appreciated with the cases of the three iconic species that will guide our trip.

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